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Eternal Concord- amazing old school role-playing gamefor android, which will amaze you with its perfect gameplay, created on the basis of the best games of its genre.

Embark on a long and exciting journey with your team of heroes to clear the fantasy land from evil! You will find a unique story that will delay you for at least 10 hours of an exciting game. You can download the old school JRPG for freeand create your own unique team of heroes and free the land from the hordes of evil.

You will be able to access as many as 8 character classes, from the blacksmith to the magician, create a balanced team of warriors who will be useful to you in absolutely any situation. Get ready to meet the many monsters and thugs who will stand in your way and interfere with your main goal. Travel through the sea, land and dark dungeons of the world Concordia, play and perform various quests scattered throughout the game world. Fight relentless bosses and become the liberator of these lands! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.