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Eternal Rogue

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The description of Eternal Rogue App

The auto-save function allows you to interrupt the game at any time, making it easy to play.

Beginners can also enjoy by hint feature.

- Story

A dungeon whose contents change every time it enters.

There is a very rare treasure that sleeps.

But there are an enormous number of very horrible monsters ....

* Specialized operations for smartphones

Roguelike game with a simple tap operation with a smartphone!

Route is automatically calculated. Tap to step forward!

Easy to play by auto-save function.

* More than 300 items, more than 100 enemies

Take advantage of abundant items and face a variety of enemies!

Aim for Item Complete!

* Abundant dungeon

Besides regular dungeons, quest dungeons and day dungeons are enriched.

Treasure room is on the deepest floor of day dungeons!

We've even got an item-unidentified dungeon that's a real roguelike delight!

* Jobs

Use different jobs to conquer the dungeon!

Let's train hard!

* Item synthesis

Synthesis items with special effects, make strong swords, shields and rings!

Let's aim for the strongest weapon!

* Collect monsters

You can seal monsters by using specific items!

Unseal at the monster farm, feed and raise them, and bring them to the dungeon!

Aiming Monster Complete!

* Hint function

Helping function when in trouble!

Let's rely on hints if you wonder what to do!

* Challenge function

Challenge function to complete the game.

Let's do all the challenges.

Get daily rewards in the Daily Challenge!