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Evil Nun: Horror at School (So Mod Menu)

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Evil Nun: Horror at School Mod Info
1.Unlimited coins
2.Game accelerat
3.nuns do not attack
4.nun does not move

Evil Nun Horror at School Mod is a magical puzzle-solving and thrilling mobile game. The game is based on the modern European background and unfolds exciting adventures from a first-person perspective. By fighting a nasty nun, you will start your adventure. Wisdom and extraordinary exploration ability, freely shuttle in each house, looking for clues and ways to escape here, and experience a series of adventure experiences.

Evil Nun Horror at School Mod Game Features:

1. The game perfectly combines the thrilling adventure elements and the escape room, giving players an immersive and fun experience.

2. Uncover the dark side of this nun's school, and use wisdom to complete the answers of different difficulties.

3. The game map is full of imagination and mystery, and you can feel the fun of escaping like a maze.

Evil Nun Horror at School Mod Game Evaluation:

1. Complete the tasks of different levels according to the prompts given by the game, and get rich rewards.

2. Familiar with the rules of the game, use the found keys to break through all obstacles and challenges.

3. At the same time, be careful that the evil nun 2 mod appears at any time, which will hinder your progress.

Evil Nun Horror at School Mod Game Highlights:

1. The game is created in a 3D realistic horror style, and the perfect plot is summarized to give you a rich game experience.

2. Use various fragments to walk into the truth step by step, and feel the mysterious pleasure of escaping.

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