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Welcome to today’s most personalized, clinically-integrated virtual healthcare.

ExtendedCare Telehealth™ is today’s most configurable and clinically-integrated telehealth solution, offering a smooth digital care experience for patients, enhanced clinical workflows for providers, and reduced workloads for administrators.

While some care will always need to be delivered in person, we believe everything else can be delivered virtually. In fact, it already is.


1. Ensure you have a strong wifi signal and are not relying on mobile data for a connection.

2. Before your visit, test your connection by navigating to the app’s home screen and clicking the “Self-Test” button. This test will show you the strength of your audio and video connections.

3. Close all other video-based applications before joining a visit. (e.g., Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Duo, etc.)

With ExtendedCare, telehealth is more than just a video visit. Our purpose-built, healthcare-focused solution seamlessly integrates with your patient health records and enriches the caregiving experience with digital content and workflows.

Bottom line? You have much more to look forward to beyond a video visit.

No more do you need to drive to the doctor, sit in a drab waiting room, or remain disconnected from your care journey.

Instead, you can enjoy interactive waiting room content from the comfort of your home, breeze through electronic consent forms in a few clicks, chat with providers before and during a visit, and invite guests in real-time to a consultation.

As for your providers, no longer do they need to spend countless hours on paperwork, wait to consult specialists on a case, or waste time waiting for patients who can’t connect to a visit.

Instead, they can annotate medical images in real-time, save media directly to EHR, add specialists and other guests via email or text, chat with patients and fellow providers, and triage patients in the waiting room.

Welcome to Telehealth Your Way™.