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In the FNF Trollface Mod Test game, you will control a character named Trollface. This hero is a comic character who was created on the Internet to make fun of people. Trollface looks like a simple troll face with lines that represent its body, arms, and legs. In some mods, he has fingers on his hands. In FFNF Trollface Mod Test, you can choose the hero mod that you like best.

What to do in the game? In FNF Trollface Mod Test you need to create your own unique and unrepeatable track. To do this, use the four arrows on the screen of your device. By clicking on one of the arrows, the Trollface emits a certain sound and makes a certain movement. By clicking on the arrows, you can create your own unique track every time. And you can make each of your tracks even more cool. In the game you can choose different character mods and different tracks, on the basis of which you will compose your hits. You can also turn off the music in the game to listen only to the voice of Trollface.

At the end of the created track, you will see the number of points that you managed to score during the game. The more points you scored, the more you can consider yourself a good FNF Trollface Mod Test player. A score of 600 or more is considered a good score. If you have scored more than 1000 points, then you are a great player! More than 1300 - great! You can arrange competitions with your friends. To do this, send them the game FNF Trollface Mod Test and find out who is the best player among you! To do this, you need to score the highest number of points. Share your scores and impressions in the comments. They are very important to us.