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Finger Roulette Tap Battle Game: Battle Mania

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Challenge your friend in the multiplayer finger battle and roulette game. Battle Mania is simple, addictive, and funny game for two players on one device. The player can use it as a toss game or roulette. Instead of the roulette wheel, they use their fingers as roulette. In this exciting 2 player finger battle game, you can test and brag for quick reflexes by using your quick tapping skills and touch skill and turn the roulette in your favor. It could be played as an ice breaker game to decide who has to do any specific task. The Fingers clash battle contains three stimulating games, i.e., Finger Battle, Tap Tap Battle, and Mind Battle.

Finger Battle Roulette:

In the finger battle, opponents need to push each other by frequent and quick tapping on the screen. The one who taps fast on his side can create the thrust to overgrow the opponent. With the faster tapping, your region for tapping starts growing towards the opponent. When the entire screen fills with your region color, you win. The simple but highly responsive gameplay makes it challenging for players.

It is an exciting mini 2 player game in which both players need to tap fast to gain the highest score. Both opponent players got an equal region on the screen for tapping. The fast you tap, the higher you score. When time gets over, the player with the higher score will win the battle. To win the fingers clash battle, players need to improve their reflexes of touch and tap on the screen.

Mind Battle requires the perfect ratio of excitement, concentration, and alertness of the brain. The brain game starts with the hopping of different sweet items such as apples, ice cream, candies, cherries, etc. The player needs to tap and catch them while avoiding the bomb canister. Each tap on sweets will give a score. However, if a player touches the bomb canister, all gained scores will turn back to zero. Mind game becomes more challenging with the increase of pace and quantity of hopping items. The player can keep the score growing by having control over his reflexes of touch.

• Simple tap tap gameplay: All mini-games have smooth tap tap gameplay to drive the game. They only require quick reflexes to defeat the opponent in the game.

• 2 Player game on the same devices: The frantic multiplayer game on one device, at the same time, provides endless fun for all age groups. These mini-games require pure reaction so young people can perform better in this game.

• Many dynamic mini-games: There are two engaging mini-games in this Battle mania, and many are coming soon. Therefore, it is the ultimate boredom breaker for people who like to play challenging games with friends in their spare time.

• Clean graphics: It has sporting super-clean graphics to avoid distraction during challenging gameplay. The full-screen mode enables the players to do not overwhelm with fancy features on the game screen. These graphics can fit perfectly on all types and sizes of screens, from cell phones to tablets.

This addictive and funny game for 2 players is available for free at the Play store. You only need to have a multitouch-enabled device to make it an exciting and fun multiplayer game. Download it now and challenge your friends on this finger battle.