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Fluffy Run (Unlimited Money)

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Android version
Fluffy Run Mod Info
1.After picking up a coin and completing the level, you will receive endless money.

Fluffy Run Mod

Travel on endless highways with incredibly beautiful views

Fluffy Run Mod - atmospheric arcade race for android devices.

Breathtaking Adventure

Fluffy Run Mod

A bright, addictive and very easy-to-learn game for android devices that will allow you not only to relax and escape from the daily routine, but also give you completely new emotions. In Fluffy Run, you will travel along endless highways with incredibly beautiful views, while your transport will be a funny fluffy car, and background music will add a unique charm to this fun and create a meditative atmosphere.

Unique atmosphere

Fluffy Run Mod

In Fluffy Run, you'll race across locations with breathtaking views, but to keep your car moving, you'll need to relentlessly replenish its fuel tank by collecting notes scattered along the road. The longer you keep moving, the more valuable points you will get for the ride, and during the ride you will also come across many other useful bonuses, such as musical notes, which will also help you keep moving. You can download free arcade race for android and appreciate the great graphics, meditative atmosphere, almost endless gameplay and cool soundtracks. 

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