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The description of Flying Potato Teamchallenge App

The digital team event for your company. In different teams you compete in varied disciplines such as knowledge, reaction speed and skill. An interactive experience that promotes team spirit and is guaranteed to be remembered.

Our digital team event gives you the opportunity to leave your everyday life behind for a few hours and have fun again without any worries. Through the large video conference and the fun team board, you almost forget that you are only sitting virtually next to each other.

How does it all feel?

Your pulse is well above normal, your breathing is accelerated. Now take another deep breath and concentrate fully. Because every wrongly pressed button could mean the end... This is not a new bestseller thriller, but a completely normal state in this crazy team event that no one will forget so quickly. Varied games will demand everything from you and only the most versatile team can bring home the victory at the end of the day.

How do we connect?

In the run-up to the event you will receive a game code from us, with which you can join the correct server on the day of the event.

Everything else will be explained to you by the moderator.

Now we start

In the game menu you will see all the games that have to be completed. You can easily flip back and forth between the games. As soon as you start one of the games, there is a short explanation of the rules and you are ready to go. When you finish a game, you will see the scores of all the teams that have already played the game in the game menu. As soon as all teams have played a game, the overall score (button in the upper right corner) will be updated. Of course, you can only play each game once.

This is how it is scored

The overall ranking results from the individual scores of the respective games. The best team receives as many points as the number of participating teams (example: A total of 4 teams participate. The best team of each game receives 4 points, the second best 3 points, etc.). How the individual games are scored is explained on the rules screen of the respective games.

Have fun with your digital team event.