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Free Fire OB36 Update is the ultimate mobile survival shooter.

Each 10-minute game takes you to a remote island where you face off against 49 other players, all trying to survive. Free Fire OB36 Update Players are free to choose the starting point of the parachute and stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive your vehicle to explore the vast map, hide in the wilderness, or become invisible by leaning under grass or crevices. Free Fire OB36 Update Ambush, snatch, survive with one goal: survive and fulfill the call of duty.

Free Fire OB36 Update

[Survival Shooter in Original Form Free Fire OB36 Update]

Search for weapons, stay in the play area, loot your enemies and be the last survivor. Along the way, perform legendary airdrops and avoid airstrikes to give yourself a small advantage over other players.

Free Fire OB36 Update

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