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Free Guy Game android mod apk

The story centers on a bank teller who discovers that he's actually an NPC in a brutal open-world video game.

The male protagonist Guy was originally just an NPC who repeated his own life in the game (Free City). One day he met the female protagonist Millie and felt that his dream lover was like this. Since then, his behavior has deviated from the programmed settings.

Generally speaking, an NPC has its own consciousness in the game, and has fallen in love with the player, and it is about to get out of control! No spoilers, let’s see for yourself!

“You are free to make your own decisions and choices”

“We can be whatever we want. The point is, we shouldn’t be spectators of our lives.”

“I am just a love letter to you, the author is someone outside”

The hero is Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds)

The heroine is Jodie Comer, a pretty girl

This movie is like a cross between The Truman Show and Ready Player One. There are a lot of laughs, but there are also touching places. The romance of programmers, I love it! Player vs. NPC

Look at AI (artificial intelligence) from the perspective of human nature. Super nice! No pee in the whole process! recommend!

Easter eggs actually have Marvel and many other easter eggs!

As a game player for decades, after watching it, I am sure that all kinds of emotions are the same as "Player One", and I am as excited as I shouted the slogan "I am Wars/44591.html" target="_blank">Gundam" at the end. The main reason is that Xiao Jianjian's very good performance has increased the level of entertainment several times, and the other supporting roles are not just background boards. Friends Buddy, Coffee Girl, etc. are the icing on the cake. It is not a single tool person like Hacker, but has a complete story line (even covering the protagonist in the end). The passer-by character is also a great demonstration of various wonderful circuits as a game NPC, such as some iconic expressions and body movements (such as the one who shakes his hands and twists his waist) and language, and some bugs are very real. The cameos of the game anchors are all acquaintances, which can be said to be full of feelings

In addition, count how many stalks there are (if it is wrong, please add): "Justifiable Defense", "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey", "Captain America", "Hulk", "Star Wars", "Half-Life", "Portal", "Rockman", "School-Sim/117648.html" target="_blank">GTA" Fortnite, Far Cry, Saints Row