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Friday Night Funkin' acheves its success on platforms such as PC, TikTok and Twitch as an indie developer and finally is available on Android smartphones and tablets now. It is not launch on Google Play Store but you can find and install it on Apkpure app store.

The story is about a boy, a girl and her father. you are the boy who want to date with the girl but her father won't let you close to his daughter. The only way to make your dream come true is try to play all the musical notes at the right time to earn enough points and win the game!

Friday Night Funkin is a test for your sense of rhythm. Catch the rhythm and show yourself as a good singer, because otherwise the girl's father will win the battle since He is a former rock star.

Friday Night Funkin currently has 7 weeks, each with its own character and text. It is really an addicting game.