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Welcome to our instructional videos for toys that make you move and groove! Learn cool tricks to do with your Mozi arm spinner, and how to spin poi with Spinballs LED Poi! The Fun in Motion Toys app will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Get off the couch and get moving!

Mozi goes from RING to ZING as it spins and rolls continuously up and down your arm! But then what? How about tossing it in the air and catching it on your arm? We’ll teach you all new tricks to do with your mozi or toroflux.

With Spinballs, you can create glowing, colorful light trails and geometric patterns at night with our LED poi. Learn the basic moves and motions of poi or learn more difficult tricks as your browse through our video library. Great for beginners and advanced poi spinners!

With over 45 videos and counting, we’ll keep you moving and grooving for months!

App Features:

Learn tricks with Mozi & Spinballs

Instructional videos organized by level of difficulty

Learn how to spin poi

Easily view or download videos on the go

Turn sound on or off

Over 45 videos available

Free download

Create visual patterns with Spinballs

Ever-growing video library

Great for kid and adult exercises

Endless activities

Mozi is more than just a geometric arm slinky that spins up and down your arm. You can do super cool tricks with it you didn’t think possible! We break them all down for you and make it easy to learn in our instructional videos. You’ll look like a superstar in no time.

Spinballs is intended for users interested in learning the art form of poi with the help of our instructional videos and inspirational videos. With Spinballs, we believe practicing poi makes people happier and healthier. As part of our mission to raise awareness and increase the visibility of poi, we have made it easy for anyone to learn poi anywhere. Our goal is not only to produce the highest quality, affordable entry-level poi, but to also provide the tools needed for a great poi experience as you begin your journey into this amazing art form.

Make some moves! Fun in Motion Toys is the creator of Spinballs and Mozi. To purchase Mozi or Spinballs LED Poi, please visit www.funinmotiontoys.com.

As you learn the moves and motions, share your own videos with us for the chance to be featured in the app. Email us at info@funinmotiontoys.com or share with @FuninMotionToys on Facebook and Instagram.

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