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GTA SA Genshin Impact Mod

Game plot

The plot of the game is based on a true story in Los Angeles. In 1987, Carl Johnson witnessed the murder of his brother by rival gang members in Los Santos, San Andreas, a brokenhearted place full of gang trouble, drugs and corruption City. A place where movie stars and millionaires do their best to avoid human traffickers and gangsters. Accused of murder, CJ leaves Los Santos to start a new life in Liberty City.

Five years later, in 1992, CJ became an ambitious car thief working alongside professional mechanical engineer Joy Leone. CJ suddenly receives a call from his brother about the murder of his mother. He went home for the funeral. When he returned home, he was falsely accused by the police unless he was assisting the police in illegal activities. He must embark on a journey to save his family.

Simulation and role-playing games

Designers love the real-life city of Los Angeles, modeling the world in Grand Theft Auto. The city of Los Santos is meticulously designed, with everything from architectural works to authentic natural landscapes. Therefore, the world in the game is just like in real life, the tall buildings, grass, streets are very realistic and prosperous, and there are many players to discover in the game.

With new improvements, immersive first-person gameplay helps users fully appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the city of Los Angeles. A well-crafted open world would be a major flaw if the player only sees the city from a third perspective. With this in mind, Rockstar has added a first-person perspective for players to make driving, shooting, and sightseeing in the game more realistic and vivid.

Mission system and open world

Since the game consists of 3 main characters, Grand Theft Auto's missions have many different depths. The quest systems for the three characters of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are numerous; but they are always closely linked to create a clear and coherent story. In addition to the main mission system, other game missions are also very diverse, such as car racing entertainment, bank robbery to enhance physical fitness and other in-game statistics.

The open world is one of the main highlights of the game. What differentiates the game's open world is player interactions and events in Los Santos. Rockstar always adds in-game events to add to the game's appeal. In this game, players are free to do whatever they want, such as driving a car, participating in races, starting a business and getting rich, robbing banks to complete assigned tasks...

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