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Galaxy Explorers (Lots of Diamonds)

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Android version
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Galaxy Explorers Mod Info
Mod: Speeding up construction will give a lot of diamonds.
If you can't pick up an item after speeding up crafting, then wait for it to craft, then completely close the game and restart it. If you waited the right amount of time, then you can pick up the item.

Galaxy Explorers Mod

Space adventures in an arcade simulator

Galaxy Explorers - bright and exciting arcade simulator for android devices.

Planet exploration

Galaxy Explorers Mod

Galaxy Explorers Mod for Android will offer you to survive and settle down on a hostile planet, become a member of space adventures, meet extraterrestrial civilizations and create a base. Here you will need to get all the necessary materials, create tools and use everything you find to repair the ship, explore the territories of the new planet and map them.

Creation of new materials

Galaxy Explorers Mod

You can download a space simulator for free on Android and complete exciting missions, where according to the plot you made an emergency landing somewhere in an uncharted part of the galaxy, and as a commander of a research group you will explore the territories of this planet. Here you will need to collect resources and use them to create a base and repair the ship, upgrade and expand your base, collect a new squad of characters and uncover the incredible secrets of these lands on which you crashed. 

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