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GoreBox - Animosity is the third and final remaster of the GoreBox Series, which combines all of the features found in GoreBox Classic and GoreBox Remastered.

It features an excellent active ragdoll system and brutal gore for maximum stress relief or fun in your free time.

Anyone can create, share and download custom content, like mods and maps, to keep everything entertaining and unique in your way.

A Bioweapon took over a dying world. Half of the Civilisation were just there to be killed. The infected called these, The GoreDolls. Only there to satisfy their sick desires to eradicate the useless and mentally weak. However, the others of the Civilisation that stayed uninfected isolated themselves from the infected. Some worked on a cure; others just gave up.

You are the mad scientist who caused this mess.

In GoreBox, you can mess around with Cars, Weapons, NPCs, Explosives, Fragile stuff, and much more!

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