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Grand Survival - Survival on a raft - classic survival simulator for Android devices.

Conquering the ocean and exploring locations
In this game you will find yourself in the role of a caller who stuck in the endless ocean on a rather small raft. So, you have to act competently and deliberately in order to get all the necessary resources for survival, water and food, as well as expand and equip your raft, create useful items on it, and much more. As the stronghold improves, you can build a safe place where the hero will be protected from enemy attacks. You can also take up the exploration of the ocean and the island, create new items and useful equipment, do everything possible to survive in these difficult conditions.

Changing weather conditions and battles with enemies
Also in this game it is important to keep track of changing weather conditions, so how some of them will create problems for your ward and even influence the behavior of the characters. The ocean and islands hide many secrets and threats, are you ready to face each of them? Each island will have its own history, which only brave explorers can learn. Here you also have to fight to survive, destroy dangerous sharks, mutant crabs, deadly zombies and other dangerous creatures. 

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