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Granny Simulator - Ultimate

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Granny Simulator presents the lovely relation between Granny and her lovely grandson. Granny is completing her every day tasks while the grandson is using bizarre violence and pure brutality to stop her.

In Granny Simulator, the grandson can find throwable objects in the granny's house to throw at his granny.

Some of the objects are locked in chest boxes that require keys to be opened which can be found around the granny's house.

Discover what lurks in the granny house without getting killed by granny in this grandma simulator game. Keep an eye on the timer in this evil baby vs evil granny simulator game.

Be aware of granny's kick, her kick can send you out of the granny house from the window and she can spray you with bug spray, taze you with a Taser and more.

Start collecting the hidden keys in granny house. In this ultimate granny simulator each key can help you to unlock exotic weapons which you can use against granny.

Granny Simulator is a fun game in which you can play as a evil baby vs the evil granny.

Granny Multiplayer level is coming soon....

You can send us the suggestions and tips for granny multiplayer at contactgiantfish@gmail.com