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Granny Smith (Много денег)

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● Много золотых монет
One of the most popular games on Gogle Play.Qualitative drawing graphics, light gameplay and live animation make this game attractive and worthy of attention. The game by and large is a time killer, but tightens strongly.Granny Smith loves apples, but the thief on rollers carries these apples from her priceless garden! Help Ms. Smith in her agile race for apples on farms and suburbs, making their way through everything, including sheds and offices. Get apples before the thief makes it!Granny Smith is an active platforming-pursuit, filled with spectacular falls and tricks. Jump, slide, spin and make your way through obstacles in 57 exclusive levels in 4 locations. The main thing is to land on your feet!Features:- Spectacular physics - Granny Smith used one of the most advanced physics of destruction in mobile games. Make your way through boxes and windows and enjoy the spectacle of flying fragments!- Dizzying graphics - visit dozens of bright and saturated worlds! Each level is similar to a bizarre volumetric tale.- Intuitive control - help granny get up crazy movements with just two buttons, which is an ideal solution for tablets and phones.- Vintage repeats - browse the best retro-style races under unusual viewing angles and with slow-motion effects!

- Strengthen the granny - collect coins and equip it with a helmet, banana peel and baseball bats. If the granny starts giving up - you have two other characters to choose from, Skrafi and Stanley!Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.