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Grave waters is a fun pirate adventure game in which you sail the endless ocean and fight for survival. Win epic ship battles against pirate thieves and plunder pirate's treasure and the bounty of merchants. Explore, adventure and win exciting battles to become king of the pirate sea.

Grave Waters pirate game is a strategy-based game in which you can showcase your skills to overcome challenging conditions. You’ll be playing as a legendary pirate captain who sails your ship to seek revenge against vicious characters.

Ruthless pirates come across each other an intense battle commences! You will get engaged with characters and a realistic environment. Impeccable graphics and themes make it one of the best piracy games of all time.

You can experience a realistic storyline with warships, factions, settlements, treasures islands, outposts, characters, and many more customizable options. Upgrade your ship's and weapons to become more powerful.


Set sail on the high seas for adventures! What lies beyond? Treasure? Fame? Fortune? Explore everything now!


Plunder and pillage the bounty of the Caribbean! Raise the Jolly Rodger and capture the wealth of the seas!


Take charge against fierce pirates and other enemies with lethal ammunition of rifle mortars, cannonballs and some other powerful weapons.


Every pirate quest comes with an exciting challenge that keeps your interest alive during a long-lasting gameplay experience.


Fight exciting real-time battles against enemy Pirates, The British Empire and even the Spanish Flotilla. Use your wits and pirate instincts to defeat tougher opponents.


Meet a wide cast of colorful characters and learn more about the world of Grave Waters, or rob them blind.

Yar har it's a pirate life for ye.


-High-quality 3D graphics with natural themes

-Battleships and weapons for pirate games

-Plenty of epic action-packed ships battles

-Strategic pirates games to train your brain

-Multiple colorful characters with fierce skills

-Exciting pirate quests with specific goals

-Customize and upgrade ships and ammunition

-Realistic physics with visual and hidden adventures


Grave Waters is currently in Open BETA. Come join the crew the today! Scheduled for release: TBA

Twitter: @GraveWatersGame

Devlog: https://gdgamesvn.itch.io/grave-waters/devlog