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Grow Bowling

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Grow bowling game is which rolls the bowling ball as far as possible and knock down more bowling pins.

Press the gauge bar moving constantly at the right timing, the bowling ball rolls. Every time knocking down bowling pins by bowling ball, you can feel excited.

You can also upgrade your bowling ball using the points acquired by knocking down bowling pins. If bowling ball is upgraded, not only rolls farther, but also is changed color and size.

No complicated settings or special skills are required, so it is easy to enjoy for anyone from children to adults. Enjoy Grow bowling which is a relaxing game instead of the busy and difficult game.

[How to play]

1. The gauge bar moves from 0 to 100 constantly.

2. Touch the screen at the right timing to stop the gauge bar.

3. The larger the gauge bar value, the farther the bowling ball rolls.

4. Points are acquired by knocking down bowling pins.

5. You can upgrade the bowling ball by using points.

6. If the bowling ball is upgraded, the bowling ball is bigger and it rolls farther.