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Are you a gunshot sound enthusiast? If yes, Real Gun Sounds – *Gun* Shot Sound Effects is the best app for you. Explore a collection of realistic guns sound weapon collection and choose any gun to hear the sound of gun. Listen to rifle sound and other different gun sounds to serve your passion for warfare weapons. Whether you are someone who wants to experience the thrill of guns sound without causing any harm or someone who like to explore different sound of gun types, this rifle sound app is an ideal option for you. Simply get the app, choose a weapon and start pressing the trigger to experience lifelike gunshot sound. Try it now!Realistic Gunshot SoundAre you looking for a gun sounds app that does not compromise on the originality of sound of gun? Will you like to experience close to real gun shooting sound experience? This weapons app features realistic gun sounds sourced from original weapon sounds. Explore a wide collection of rifle sound, AK-47 sound and more to listen to the sound of gun of the most popular weapon types.Multiple Guns Sound CollectionNo need to download multiple apps or research online to listen to the gun sounds of different types. This app features a huge collection of guns sound and you can easily choose the weapon whose sound you want to hear. Tap on the arrows to find a new vehicle, increase the volume of gunshot sound and press the trigger for a realistic gun shooting sound experience.The guns that are included are: • Sniper • Game guns • Warfare weapons • Short Gun • Desert Egal • P18C • AK-47 (AKM) • Scar H (Scar L) • M24 • Min Uzi (Micro UZI) • Vector • LMG • UMP9 • Ump5k • AWM • Groza • Mk14 • M249 • M416 • Mini 14…and many more!Original Sound of gun and GraphicsThis app is completely free to use for all the shooting enthusiasts. whether you want to listen to rifle sound or simply want to press the trigger of an AK-47, the app has got it all for free. Every gun type is explained by using its name and realistic graphics. All the graphics are inspired from original guns and they also have different variations. Every gun in this gun simulator app has different sub-types and you can try them all to listen to different guns sound. Lifelike Gun Simulator AnimationUse digital weapon and press the trigger in the gun simulator for lifelike animations. No need to worry about the app lags as this app is very smooth, responsive and easy to use. Use the gun simulator app for learning, thrill and fun a like!Features of Real GUN Sounds – Gun Shot Sound Effects • Simple and easy guns sound collection app UI/UX • Appealing, original gun graphics featured in realistic gun simulator • Original, lifelike gun simulator animations and real gunshot sounds • Listen to gun sounds of different weapons such as rifle sound, AK-47 sound, LMG gunshot sound etc • Complete free to use gun sounds app for all users • Increase your gun knowledge or use sound effects to prank your friends • Adjust gunshot sound volume from the app screenWill you like to listen to gunshot sound effects from the comfort of your home? Download and use Real Weapon Sounds – Gun Shot Sound Effects today!