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Halloween&Doors Roblox for Melon Playground (NO ADS)

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Halloween&Doors Roblox for Melon Playground Mod Info
MOD:Halloween&Doors Roblox mods
TIPS:The mods added are all from the same game package. To play this mod, you need to uninstall the current game first, then download and install it again.

Melon Playground Halloween Doors Roblox

Melon Playground mods are a great way to diversify the game and add a huge amount of new content to it: characters, cars, skins, items, weapons, buildings and more.

How to get mods on Melon Playground?

You can download free mods for Melon Playground Mobile on our website. We are adding daily mods workshop for Melon Playground to make it more fun for you to play!

Pack on the Vietnam War!

Melon Playground Pack for Doors from Roblox (Updated)

Melon Playground Halloween Doors Roblox The pack has:
• Ambush
• Rush
• Eyes
• Glitch
• Sic
• Figure
• Cabinet
• Sika's eye
• 2 segments of the sika arm
• Depth
• Silence
• Hult
• Scratch
• Window
• Shadow
• Jack
• Regular rooms
• Hult rooms
• Timothy

Update: All textures have become 64x64. New characters. The figure now has more legs and arms

Melon Playground Halloween Doors Roblox Pack on Halloween!

Melon Playground Halloween Doors Roblox includes:
• The grave
• Coffin
• Pumpkin
• Basket in the form of a pumpkin
• Candy
• Lollipop
• A broom
• Bat
• The Witch
• Witch Hat
• Cast 
• Tree
• Cat
• A witch's hat can be put on a ghost with the help of parent

Melon Playground Halloween Doors Roblox NPCs and decorations

NPCs in black iron armor 

NPCs in orange raincoat are not made of iron

Pumpkin is just a decoration

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