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Happy Color will be a masterpiece of great art, and players will feel overwhelmed by what is in it. This is a new game, and players will have to color the pictures exactly what they had in mind. In this game, you can use coloring according to the picture or choose the color of your choice. The unique feature is that the game will continually add new pictures for you to choose from and unleash your passion. Become a painter with all the qualities and skills to create a vivid picture.

In Happy Color, you are an artist who has all the elements to participate in this conquest. You will be able to choose any picture by yourself, and that will be your big entry. You have to put all your heart into being able to complete this coloring. More specifically, you will see the numbers appearing in the picture, and that is also the big hint that the game gives.

If you immediately choose a picture and do the coloring as the game requires, that number can help you a lot. Each number is a color, and the color palette will also be displayed for you to choose right away. If it is difficult for you to see the small details, selecting a magnifying glass to look closely at is also the key to success. The interesting point is that you can rely on numbers to find the right color for this picture.


More specifically, the game also provides you with other pictures in addition to the required pictures. These paintings will be based on the specific color schemes you arrange, and these pictures will be eligible to compete. These pictures always have intricate details, and you need to use your logic to do complete coloring, and color will always create a highlight for this picture.

Those that you do not know can also immediately use the color selection suggestions that the game provides. This helps you create an impression and can match the picture’s tone better. A wide range of colors are provided in Happy Color, and you can use color combinations. Mix and match to see the uniqueness as well as provide more color to your palette, more diverse, more interesting.


You can use the picture you have colored to enter the big contest. Here you will meet many friends, and maybe they are talented painters or just ordinary people. After many rounds of grading, your picture is highly appreciated, and you have the opportunity to move on. Try to win the top prize to become a real artist in Happy Color.

Through this, Happy Color seems to have known the keen eye of the player and exploited it thoroughly. The interesting point is that players will always be able to choose new pictures to be able to participate in the big challenge. Players will be colored on deep background music to help us quickly feel and transform the picture to become more beautiful. Only you can successfully complete all challenges and create artistic paintings.