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Your little ones can have loads of fun with games, activities, and stories while learning how to be kind, socially responsible champions of sustainable living.

Our first three games are Happy Moves, Switch Off, and Time Machine.

· Happy Moves: See how awesome a little exercise can make you feel, and learn some happy moves!

· Switch Off: Conserving energy is important! Learn how to conserve energy every day.

· Time Machine: Some trash lasts a really long time on the planet! Let’s hop into the time machine and clean up.

· Plant a Tree - Trees aren’t just for shade! They give us so much more, so help Mimi and her buddies plant some trees around the Happy Little Planet neighborhood.

The Happy Little Planet buddies are awesome friends!

· Mimi is a Master Gardener who aims to make the planet greener.

· Barnie is a doctor whose big goal is to make sure everybody has the chance and knows how to be as healthy as possible.

· Sigmund is all about leaning into making zero waste and being sure to treat others with the good kindness he likes to be treated with.

Get to know all of the other super cool Happy Little Planet Buddies too!

Kids aged 3-7 can easily explore and interact with Happy Little Planet on their own, and you can have a fun time playing along too!


· Share one subscription with the whole family on all of your devices.

· Your subscription includes games, mini games, and stories. PLUS every month you’ll get a new game, mini game, or story!

· Games are cross-checked with a sustainability expert, a moral philosopher educator, and kindergarten teachers.

· Games are built to teach our little ones how to reach the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the planet.

· All games can be downloaded to play offline (great for long journeys).

· Great for kids aged 3-7 years.

· No third-party advertising.

Subscription Details

· Get a free 7-day trial when you first get the app!

· After your free trial ends, your account will be charged for the first month of the monthly subscription fee.

· If you don’t want the subscription, be sure to cancel it BEFORE the 7-day trial period ends.

· Your account will be automatically charged for the subscription fee each month unless you cancel.

· If you change your mind, it’s easy to cancel your subscription by turning off “Auto Renew” in your Account Settings on your device.

For help or if you have questions, contact us at contact@happylittleplanet.com


Happy Little Planet received a 4-star certification from Educational App Store. Here’s a little of the great stuff they said:

'Happy Little Planet has the two laudable aims of helping kids learn and raising awareness of environmental issues. The variety of content, including games and stories, gives the app uses in multiple contexts.'

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and your children’s privacy is a priority to us. Read our full Privacy Policy here: https://thehappylittleplanet.com/privacy-policy

About Happy Little Planet

We’re a relatively cool little team of nerds that make up Pink Fox Games. The Happy Little Planet Mission is to create meaningful, impactful, and lovable educational games to help teach kids to become responsible, socially responsible, informed people who are respectful to themselves, to others, and to the environment.

We’d love to be friends!

Instagram: @happy.little.planet.games

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