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Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D (Много денег/Unlocked)

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Android version
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Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D Mod Info
● Много денег;
● Приобретён весь платный контент:
1. бесконечный бензин;
2. бесконечная сытость и бодрость;
3. без аварий;
4. отключение рекламы.
Trucker 3D simulator - an exciting car simulator for android devices .

Big open world In 3D Trucker Simulator you can try on the role of a professional truck driver and start from the bottom of the formation of his career. Choose the path that you want to go - legal or illegal, earn money and become the owner of the largest cargo transportation company. Deliver goods legally or to the black market, but remember, this will affect your reputation.

More than 10 realistic trucks

Deliver goods to the final point, spend the night in motels, refuel your transport, and do not forget to pump its characteristics. Try to follow the rules of the road if you do not want to get a fine and want to complete the task as soon as possible, for which you will receive a generous cash reward. You will find realistic physics of road behavior and the appearance of trucks, a large, open world, a variety of tasks, more than 10 amazing vehicles and a well-developed reputation system. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.