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Healing water & nature sounds

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The description of Healing water & nature sounds App

You can relax naturally while watching the water flowing through the streams and waterfalls.

Natural sounds such as bonfire and insects can be played simultaneously with relaxation music.

The sound of nature helps to relax by relaxing everyday stress, anxiety and tinnitus.

These are called white noise and are said to be effective in introducing sleep and improving concentration.

Ideal for studying, working, meditation, reading, etc. when you want to concentrate or sleep.

Also, music that is ideal for relaxation is also included, so it is also recommended for those who are not satisfied with natural sounds alone.

# features #

- Includes videos of 8 types of water

- 16 high-quality environmental sounds

- Includes 7 types of relaxation music

- Plays a combination of video, environmental sound, and music

- Individual volume adjustment for video, environmental sound and music

- Automatic stop by sleep timer function

- Works offline

- Remember last used settings

# video list #

- River in the mountains

- Stream

- Rain falling on leaves

- Rain falling on the road

- Waterfall in the mountains

- Big waterfall

- Water surface

- Park fountain

# nature sound list #

- Waves

- Bonfire

- Rain

- Thunder

- Brook

- Water drops

- Waterfall

- Wind

- Dog

- Bird

- Owl

- Frog

- Cricket 1

- Cricket 2

- Cicada 1

- Cicada 2