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Hearing Aid

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The description of Hearing Aid App

If you need to amplify the sound around you beyond what is normally possible with your phone with no lag, this app is for you.

Sound is High Quality!

Can also be used with Bluetooth with low lag.

Use it if you have a hearing loss. With a cabled headset, it's perfect fo conversations, Television and anything you have trouble hearing.

Use it if you have tinnitus to get more/higher environment sounds, this could remove your tinnitus.

Options to select input source and output source.

Warning: Do not start with full amplification, it will be extremely loud!

Amplification set to 2 will double the volume. Set to 10 volume will be 10 times as loud as normal.

Equalizer with no lag will be available in the next update.

Feedback wanted to further develop this app. Go to bytenine.com for contact options.