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Heylo finds you the best matches on your personality and let you live a happy life. The matches are made with your true personality analysis that we obtain from the specially designed questionnaire. Just attend the questionnaire, our AI algorithms will do the rest for you. We match you with people with similar personality like yours. And that is how we will find the perfect match for you! - Not just one, but a handfull. We scale the matches according to the percentage with which they match with yours so that you can choose the best match from what you have got.

We provide the platform for non-personality matches as well with profile interest. You can find the nearby people and can show interest in their profile by simply liking their profile picture. If you both mutually likes each other, we create a match for you and you can get to know each other with our in-build messenger. Your gender/sex as well as interests are taken into consideration when we show the nearby people to make sure that you only see the people that you are interested in.

The story doesn't end here. Now check out if your Secret Crush has the same crush on you. No one else is will ever know about your secret crush. You can simply wait for your crush to specify you as his/her secret crush and once a match is found they will get to know the time you have been waiting for that person. What you waiting for, show your love to your crush. Show them hoe passionate you are.

Our build in chat feature provides an efficient way to get to know each other. You can send text, images, videos and even gif's contents through the messenger we provide. One of the top priority feature is that the app has a custom privacy option to hide all the data from a user unless the chat crosses 100 conversations. This feature will safe-keep your data including profile picture from strangers that you are no interested in.

We care about security as well. All your messages and communications are sent though a secured channel to ensure that everything is secured and safe.

This app tries its best to connect you with people that might do good in your life. You get the option to get in touch with people similar thoughts and interests of that of yours, that you might have never meet in the real life.

Find love! Make love! Share love! keep love! respect it and have a happy life.

We care about your privacy and that's why we provide tons of privacy settings that the user can custom specify to choose what others see. Your data is safe with us and we will never disclose it to any one else.