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Home electricity calculator contains various calculators used by engineers and common people in electrical engineering field. This application is suitable for those people who are interested in design a solar power plant for their home or office. It is also used for calculating home electrical load and to calculate home electricity monthly bill.The home electricty bill calculator is based on energy spending in your home, which is used to calculate total electricity consumed by your house appliances. it will also calculate your total electricity bill for a day, for a week, for a month and for year. Select the appliances in your home put the use of duration of each appliance to calculate total electricity bill.The application contains solar plant calculator for your home, for office or any residential building. If you know the total load of your home, then put the required values to calculate the size of inverter for your home, total number of batteries and total number of solar panels for your home solar plant.The application also contain the generator design for your home, for a residential building or for any work place. Select the appliances from the given list, put the numbers and wattage of each appliance to calculate the generator size for home or for any work place.The application also contains a pump horse power for your home, battery life used in your home and air-condition size for your room or any hall.We appreciate all the feedback from your side. Your suggestions and advice will help us to improve our app. If you have any suggestion about the application then feel free to contact us by email calculation.worldapps@gmail.com.