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House Design: Home Cleaning & Renovation For Girls

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Welcome to My Home Design: House Cleanup To Decor With Chores, the ultimate Home Design Makeover! Everyone has a dream of designing and decorating their very own home exactly how they want it to be! Be a Home Makeover Master and Be ready to transform your Home Design dream into reality with a beautiful Home Makeover! Be an interior designer master, use your creativity and design skills and decorate the perfect dream home with amazing decor.

Enjoy various cleaning, fixing, washing, matching, daily chores - like cleaning the floor, cleaning windows, mukbang cooking a sandwich/cooking breakfast, Dirty Toilet cleaning, Find the right matching sock, shoe, and flipflops, fix the floor, fix the wallpaper, Swimming pool cleaning, Quote Coloring pages, Grass Mowing, Paint by number coloring pages, Color by number, Mosaic/Pixel coloring, Classic Labyrinth, Mazes and More fun games to earn coins and start your Home decoration journey! Also, we have addictive different fun puzzles like Jigsaw puzzles, Word Connect, Word Search, Word Cross, Ball Sort Puzzle, Block Hexa Puzzle, TileDom - Matching Puzzles, Roll the ball, Connect the cards, and many more interesting puzzles to earn the coins and transform your house into a luxurious mansion. Everyone has dreamed of their homes be like Princess House, especially all girls out there, we have covered this theme too, Princess House Decor into this game, hope you all would like this Royal House theme idea too.

Remodel your Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, and Kitchen with different themes like Farmhouse Bedroom or Bohemian Bedroom, Modern Living Room or Glam Living Room, Royal Kitchen or Rustic Kitchen, Chic Bathroom or Stylish Bathroom - You Decide - You Design, it’s all about your choice and your creativity, express your ideas/ creativity with a large variety of high-end designer furniture, sofas, coffee tables, decor, lighting, flooring, wardrobes, and much more to design and decorate your own dream home.

We would love to hear your dream home decor ideas, what would you like to add to your dream house? What makes your dream home so special? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback and ideas with us, we would love to hear them all, and we would love to implement them all into our game.