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Huggy Wuggy FNF Full Mod (Unlock music)

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Android version
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MOD:Unlock music

i installed the original mod then i just remade the chart with gf sing notes then i added a new character which was basically pink huggy wuggy and last i put it over girlfriend

Huggy Wuggy VS FNF - How do you play it?
You will have to defeat different characters as several FNF mods in a musical battle to turn into food for yourself.

Huggy Wuggy vs Friday Night Funk game - Why is it so interesting?
You won't know your opponents in advance and you won't be able to know what food you will be able to turn them into. With Easy, Normal, Hard game modes randomly as you meet different opponents from the FNF mods collection.

If you win all, you will enjoy an attractive Poppy performance. How cool it is!

Let's play and enjoy FNF Huggy Wuggy Full Week now!