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Infiltrate enemy base as an elite member of special fps shooter team. Achieve your mission with sniper rifle gun in fps action strategy. Jump into best action strategy game with top fps shooting infiltration missions with griping storyline. Use more than just your sniper rifle gun to clear enemy base as each shot will alert enemy shooters.Become a part of a thrilling challenge of gun battles and assassinations in this top free online action shooter game. You are a one man sniper army. Your mission in this free online action shooting fps game is to infiltrate enemy base and survive attacks from terrorist soldiers.Are you ready? To win that war which never stop? Download and play as expert fps soldier of action and complete your missions.Features:Multiple Tactical shooting missions on a huge mapBest strategy based action gameVarious assault rifles and sniper gun models to choose from Realistic 3D graphics for in-depth mission objectivesCool animations and advance action physicsEasy controls for smooth gameplay