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Idle Bubbles (Много алмазов)

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Idle Bubbles Cannon: Aim & amp; Tap - fun arcade for all ages for Android devices.

Clear rules and comfortable interface

Great entertainment for every day that will remind you of the best vertical shooters of the past, arkanoid and arcade games that can give you a lot of impressions from simple and straightforward gameplay, as well as help pass your free time, wherever and whenever you want. To complete the level, you have to shoot balls from a cannon at the falling blocks, and each block will indicate the number of attacks required to completely destroy it.

Minimalistic visual style

It is important to make sure that the blocks do not reach the critical line, otherwise you will instantly lose. For Victory, you need a good reaction speed and attentiveness, you can also pump these qualities during the passage of the most interesting tests. This game can please with a minimalistic visual style, performed using two-dimensional graphics, comfortable click control, numerous challenges with increasing difficulty, understandable game mechanics that will not take much time to master. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.