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Idle Civilization (Unlocked/Lots of Money)

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Android version
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Idle Civilization Mod Info
1.Infinite hearts (they can only be obtained by watching ads and donations);
2.Unlocked all paid content;
3.Removed ad display;
4.Only in the mod [Unlocked / Free shopping] : money increases when spending

Idle Civilization: World History - a fascinating strategic simulator for androiddevices.

Develop civilization
A delightful game for mobile devices that combines gameplay experience and quality The best clickers, economic strategies and casual simulators. In Idle Civilization: World History, you will have the unique opportunity to take control of a race of people and begin an exciting adventure in the development of civilization in your own way. Start your story from the Stone Age and go all the way to creating a classless society.

The future of the world depends on you
Idle Civilization: World history is extremely easy to learn, but incredible fun gameplay. Here you have to become a diplomat, politician, strategist and even an economist in one person, because holding a fist of civilization is not so simple, not to mention the creation of a real utopia. Control all aspects, from the collection of resources and military affairs, to the creation of the latest technology right up to the time machine! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.