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Are you ready to face the True Horror breakout before Friday 13th : haunted house game?

Take action and survive the creepy night in one of the top horror escape games and really scary games! PLAY AWESOME KIND OF JUMPSCARE GAME in which you realize a great danger threatens you. a massacre happened here. do you want to escape from Jason?

Beware of the kidnapper Psychopath man who lives in abundant granny mansion. You are stuck in a dark haunted mysterious environment of Jason vorhees before the Friday 13th. Jason's hockey mask has become one of the most recognizable images for Blood thirsty ,fear , deadly, and a serial killer . Horrifying Jason suspense Unlike the granny game, the evil nun game, the 13th game, Freddy’s game and others, you will find him far too ferocious and cunning in the dark time .In this horror story You wake up in a small scary Escape room. The only thing you remember is that someone injected a needle into your neck from behind and you lost your consciousness. The only thing you remember it’s hurts a lot but you get up and search the abandoned asylum. You have no idea how to escape From Jason, the Killer, And slasher Butcher. You awake and felt that where you are, and what you are doing in the middle of this horrible Killer ruin. It could be anyone like leatherface, pennywise, ayuwoki, the jigsaw, relatives or the Jason voorhees. Hide anywhere in the granny's house is an adventure terrifying place to get yourself safe, and you also need to find keys to open certain doors and solve a puzzle to escape from that maniac clown. Beware of the horror magic of the giant granny at Freddy’s house on the 13th.

If you run into a problem, don't worry, just contact us or leave a comment. our team is trying to bring you the best gaming experience.

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Features of Jason vs Clown Friday 13TH- Night Escape Days Gone

- Different scary character selection e.g. Clown, Jason, Nun

- Scary Environment for a real spooky horror effect

- Spooky sound effects

- Smooth controls to enjoy the horror escape gameplay.

- Mysterious building for horror lovers.

- Enjoy scary escape games with different difficulty levels.

- Engaging Story