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Are you ready for an epic survival race? This game will be your favorite blob game of all time. Your goal is easy but you have to watch out for obstacles. Push off the hurdles and collect coins and grow bigger. Fill the city, run and grow your crowd bigger. Collect and upgrade your army of exactly similar looking blobs. Overcome the hurdles and win the battle at the end of round. Gather and grow your very own gang. This epic survival game contains various opportunities to upgrade your furious crowd in a clash with the enemy crowd.✌️

This racing adventure will keep you excited until the end of the game. Epic survival is a multiplayer game.Join 3D Clash Runner - Free Running Games can be divided into four phases; Run, Gather, Clash, and Win. One of the best obstacle games where you grow your crowd bigger and bigger. Lead the crowd and clash against the rival team. You have to escape from the deadly obstacles, otherwise, you will face defeat.

Join Clash Runner - Free Running Games will be your favorite blob games of all time.This best free racing game will allow you to compete with others. Get the real running games experience. Run, jump, slide to get faster, collect coins, gather crowds and escort the team. Never stop running, otherwise, loss will be your fate. There are dozens of hurdles and all require a unique set of skills. You have to conquer them all. This running game provides you the opportunity to customize your character. Change clothes, shields, skins, props, weapons, coins and much more.

Start the blob game and create a giant crowd. Blob runner 3D is a top free game. Choose your favorite shield to guard yourself. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock other features and rewards. You have to marshal your team through all the hard obstacles. Try to figure out the trajectory. Save as many teammates as you can.

Avoid moving axes, run‍♂️through dangerous saws, gather coins and complete other challenges to get to the finish line. Lead the big crowd and run together to reach the level’s end. You have to be careful as the boss blob hits hard and his punches are strong. Collect the crowd, overcome obstacles, grab coins and keys, and break through opponents.

Start running and gather people along the way. Lead your team through all expanding, moving, rotating obstacles. Save people from your team, clash with the opponent team.

Let’s see how far you can get in this racing adventure. Avoid crushing spheres and swinging axes and make it to the finish line.

Run, run and run until you reach the castle. Crush your opponents in the final battle and create a win-win situation.

So do you think you have the guts to win this running game? Download the blob game and share it with your friends and family. Try your luck.

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