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Full Paid.

Juicy Realm Mod - dynamic action-RPG for androiddevices.

Immerse yourself in an incredible fantasy world
Fantastic action for android devices that allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of Enjoy superb gameplay of the highest quality. In the distant future, mankind overtook a terrifying apocalypse, plants came to life and became the pinnacle of the food chain on planet Earth. Mysteriously developing self-awareness in the shortest possible time, plants have become a real threat to the human race and now you have to go on the warpath against the new enemies of humanity!

Amazing gameplay
You, as the main character of the game, will have to visit the hell teeming with plants, they will be literally everywhere and you need to show combat talents to withstand their onslaught. Fight with strange and colorful fruits, vegetables and other plants, upgrade your weapons and open access to useful equipment, improve your base and gradually conquer the territory of people. Beautiful animated graphics, a high pace of the game, an interesting plot and a lot of interesting content are waiting for you in Juicy Realm! 

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