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In the automotive app, we combine topics related to the car.The automotive app consists of several modules.GPS Speedometer:GPS speedometer with some setting options.Attention: As the driver, do not use the cell phone while driving!Are displayed:- Current speed- maximum speed- Covered track- Average speed- travel time- timeLicense plate (Germany):Further information on the entered license plate is displayed here.The city can be included in the travel cost calculator.Breakdown assistance / troubleshooting / repair instructions / maintenance:Over 50 help topics!If you do not want to wait for the ADAC or towing vehicle in the event of a breakdown, you want to help yourself if possible? Then the app will definitely help you!In this module we explain how to help yourself in the event of a breakdown. Often it is just little things that hinder the onward journey.Attention: Every repair / breakdown assistance happens at your own risk! The developers of this app assume no liability for damage to the vehicle and people.Driving cost calculator:Here you can easily and easily calculate your travel costs. Simply enter the start and finish on the map and have the route calculated. You can save them for later. So you can calculate what you get from your passengers.Consumption Calculator:Here you can calculate the consumption and costs.km / h - mph converter:Here km / h can be converted into mph and mph into km / h.KW - PS converter:Here KW can be converted into PS and PS into KW.Have you had any experiences with our app? Could she help you? We look forward to your reviews.If you have further ideas on how to help yourself in the event of a breakdown, write to xonooapps@gmail.com.Or write them in your rating for this app.Languages ​​(Languages:German EnglishBy downloading this app you accept our privacy policy:https://xonooapps.wixsite.com/xonoo/datenschutzOutlook:Extension of the app with topics related to the car.