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This is a "Swiss Army Knife" for those who are having a problem to study Kanji and Japanese language. This dictionary application is equipped with an AI-based character recognition engine and supports image search of kanji using the camera in addition to accurate handwritten kanji search.It contains 10,050 kanji, covering all JIS Kanji Levels 1-4, and is comparable to a "full-fledged paper Kanji dictionary. It also contains about 100,000 words and phrases related to the searched kanji, which is more than most paper dictionaries. The simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use UI design makes it easy to get to not only the readings of the kanji you search for, but also the meanings, idioms, and other examples of usage.All features are available free of charge, although ads are displayed in the application.* Our AI-based handwriting recognition engine enables recognizing accurately a kanji written with your finger or stylus.* AI-based image recognition allows you to input characters from your books and search for Kanji characters.* The application covers all JIS Kanji characters from the 1st to 4th levels, making it an ideal Kanji learning app for studying for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.* The beautiful and clean UI Design helps you to quickly find readings, meanings, and idioms of each kanji.* It also supports keyboard input. It's especially helpful for on-readings and kun-readings search.It definitely is nice to have it, so please don't hesitate to try it!