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With „Knots & Splices“ you will learn all the important knots and tricky splices the easiest way possible. In clear videos the author himself fabricates the knots and splices with his own hands in front of the viewer’s eyes explaining and commenting each step. You can test the first chapter of “Knots & Splices” FREE OF CHARGE and you only pay via In-App-Payment for your choice of additional videos. A list with all the available knots and splices and the corresponding prices will be shown at the end of this text. You wish to learn the most useful seaman or climbing knots? Make your own regatta-style soft shackles? Master complicated splice techniques? Or, for example, you cannot remember how to start on an eye splice? No problem, with this app you will find help – no matter if you are beginner or advanced. Firstly, without commitment and free of charge, this app offers the following standard knots for download: •Two Half Hitches •Reef Knot •Bowline •Clove Hitch •Figure Eight In total this app contains 50 extensive and commented videos for: •25 Knots (with variations shown the count is 32) •4 Different techniques for coiling, handling and belaying rope correctly •6 Whippings and seizings •15 Splices for laid, twisted, eight-plait, single braid, double braid and parallel core ropes. Splices for high-modulus ropes like Dyneema, Spectra a.o., also Soft Shackles, stripped sheets, anchor splices and rope-wire splices This app offers the following 9 video-bundles at different prices: (The videos can be bought separately as well at a minimal price) 1. Five Knots for Starters (free of charge): •Two Half Hitches •Reefknot •Bowline •Clove Hitch •Figure Eight 2. Ten Knots to Know: •Anchor Hitch •Rolling Hitch •Double Figure Eight •Scaffold Knot •Sheet Bend •Double Sheet Bend •Constrictor •Butterfly Knot •Lashing Knot •Marlinspike Hitch 3. Ten More Knots for the Advanced: •Bowline on the Bight •Zeppelin Bend •Carrick Bend •Overhand Bend / Water Knot •Double Constrictor •Munter Hitch •Prusik Knot •Icicle Hitch, The Ultimate Stopper •Sheepshank •Fast Angler‘s Loop, Flying Bowline 4. Coiling, Handling and Belaying Rope Correctly: •Coiling Laid Rope •Coiling Braided Rope •Finishing a Coil – Three Variations •Casting, Belaying and Hauling 5. Whippings and Seizings: •Whippings for Laid Rope •Plain Whipping •Palm & Needle Whipping •French Whipping •Drum Whipping •Seizing an Eye 6. Splicing Laid Rope: •Eye / Thimble Splice •Back Splice / Shackle Splice •Short Splice 7. Splicing Braided Rope: •Eye / Thimble Splice in Eight-Plait Rope •Eye / Thimble Splice in Single-Braid Rope •Eye / Thimble Splice in Double-Braid Rope •End-to-End Splice in Double-Braid Rope •Eye / Thimble Splice in Parallel-Core Braided Rope 8. Splicing High-Modulus Braided Rope and Soft Shackles: •Eye / Thimble Splice in Single-Braid High-Modulus Rope •Eye / Thimble Splice in Double-Braid High-Modulus Rope •Stripping the Cover •Rope Shackles / Soft Shackles 9. Splicing Rope to Wire and Chain: •Splicing Double-Braid Rope to Wire •Splicing Laid Rope to Chain •Splicing Eight-Plait Rope to Chain