LegendArya (Много денег/без рекламы)

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LegendArya - colorful and visually beautiful zombie shooter for androiddevices.

Interesting plot

According to the plot of the game in the recent past, a strange incident happened, after which the missing doctor called the most a major clinic in the world and warned of the spread of a deadly virus that turns all life into zombies. Then no one took his words seriously, but pretty soon there was a global zombie apocalypse. At first, people united together, but then a lot of marauders, thieves, dishonest inhabitants appeared, and now the problem of everyone's survival is only his own business.

Can you save the world

The protagonist of the game recalls words from early childhood, when his parents gave him a plush bear and left an ambiguous hint that with its help you can save the world. The parents soon disappeared, but these words stuck in the hero's head forever. Now you have to help the main character of the game to try to save the world, is the key to salvation really in a soft plush toy? It is important to move around the locations and shoot back in time from the approaching walking dead, but if you fail, the main character will die along with the opportunity to save the world. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.