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Legends of Crystal (Бесплатные покупки)

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Android version
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Для разблокировки полной версии игры:
1. запустите игру и нажмите New Game
2. закройте меню настроек
3. выберите женского персонажа
4. подтвердите, что хотите купить полную версию игры
5. нажмите на устройстве кнопку Назад (после этого игра напишет, что полная версия приобретена)
6. полностью закройте игру и заново запустите её (нужно, чтобы игра переключилась с турецкого на английский язык)
Legends of Crystal - fantasy role-playing game for android devices.

Great fantasy adventure

Awesome RPG game that will delight you with its quality and unforgettable atmosphere, able to immerse you in the world of head games. Legends of Crystal takes place back in 2100, when the whole world was on the verge of death more than once, signs from above more and more often made it clear that humanity would soon come to an end. An endless and incredibly powerful army of demonic creatures tirelessly attack the planet, and the great artifact that can stop a horde of monsters - the Zulfikri Wall was destroyed. But, humanity has the last hope for salvation - a group of the strongest heroes who are ready to fight back evil and the supreme demon - Dajjal.

Breathtaking from the first minutes

Legends of Crystal is a great combination of strategic turn-based battles and RPG where you will explore new lands, participate in epic battles, travel through dangerous dungeons, and also collect valuable items that give your heroes unprecedented strength. Exciting quest missions, elaborate characters with unique stories, crafting weapons and items, over 80 monsters, classic gameplay and an interesting storyline - all this awaits you in Legends of Crystal. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.