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Let's tap 100,000 times!!!

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◇ ◆ ◇ Thank you for killing a lot of time! ◇ ◆ ◇

Just tap innocently! Tap! Tap! No. 1 in the world? Introducing the ultimate easy time-killing app! If you have free time, just tap the screen! Tap!

No. 1 in the world? It's a simple and ultimate time-killing game. The rules are simple! Just tap the screen! Clear if you can tap 100,000 times! Collect your free time and collect it to clear it!

With addictive BGM, there is no doubt that you can crush it innocently at any time!


Tap the screen.


It's faster with a few fingers.

[Frequently Asked Questions Q & A]

Q1. I got tired of it soon.

A1. I think it's normal to get bored because you just tap the screen. You may not have time to crush.

Q5. Are there any additional features planned in the future?

A5. Yes. The timing is undecided, but I will update it a little if the author feels like changing sound effects, BGM, adding screen effects, etc.