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Online Ludo Board Game With Friends And Family. Download Ludo And Play Ludo NowLudo Comfun is the most enjoyable ludo board game. You can play our ludo new with real & worldwide players. Ludo has a long history, ludo is rediscovered from the Indian game Pachisi. Now ludo is famous and popular game around the world.Ludo is a classic game which you can play ludo games with your friends ,family &kids. Ladoo games can recall your childhood. If you want to be a leader and play ludo against the computer, against your friends, against players around the world, Ludo Comfun is the best choice! We can go back to the memory of childhood from ludo game!LUDO COMFUN MODESONLINE : Play Online Ludo with people around the world and enjoy the most interesting online ludo games.FRIENDS : Invite and challenge your friends to private room to play ludo online togetherCOMPUTER : Play ludo with computer. No internet connection required in the vs Computer mode. You can play ludo with computer to improve your ludo level and challenge to be the ludo king in the worldLOCAL: You can choose color and name and play local multiplayer mode with your friends and family. If your internet is no connection, then the Local Ludo mode will be the best ludo board dice game for you to enjoy the offline ludo game.LUDO RULES in DIFFERENT MODESClassic Mode: Our ludo is supported between 2-6 players and everyone gets 4 tokens. Each player rolls the dice. Players alternate turns in a clockwise direction. In the ludo game, when 6 is rolled, you can advance your first token and roll the dice once again. You can select a token and move it forwards along the ludo track. If you get all your ludo tokens into the center of the ludo board you are the king of laddu!Quick Mode : In ludo quick mode you have to kill one opponent token before entering home. When you kill the enemy token just move your token to the end. You can try the ludo quick mode to enjoy our ludo online games.Snakes&Ladders:This is also a classic board game.You roll the dice and start on 1, whoever be the first one to make it to 100 wins. With the ladders and snakes lay on the board It becomes a game with ups and downs.Snakes&Ladders is much more exciting while playing.LUDO COMFUN FEATURESChat with other players: Voice Chat or Send Messages Online when you are playing ludoBoard games: Ludo is an addictive and interesting board puzzle gameMake Friends: You can add new friends here. Avatar: Various fabulous avatars are provided for you to choose. Or you can apply your own picture from Facebook in our online ludo gamesThere are many names about ludo. Ludo is known as Parcheesi in North America, Parchís in Spain, Parqués in Colombia, Chińczyk in Poland, Petits Chevaux in France, Reis ümber maailma in Estonia. And Ludo Comfun is a moden version of Pachisi, but now it is popular ludo games around the world. We can play ludo with multi-players.Download our Ludo Comfun now to play loodo game now! Enjoy the kingdom of succeed in ludo board game.CONTACT US:Please share your feedback with us if you are in trouble in ludo games and tell us how can we improve the game for you. Send messages from the following :Email: support@comfun.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/LudoComfun/