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Match Picture Pairs

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Relaxing mind game that will increase your brain and memory abilities. This game will train your memory and organize your thoughts.

You need to find all image pairs located in random order on rotating 3D tiles.

At start of each level all images are hidden. You need open each image and remember its position and search another same image to pair them! Once the images match, they remain open and visible to you and you need to go finding next one image pair, but if there is no pair for the selected images, they will rotate back and will be hidden. Try to remember positions of images that you are seeing and do as less steps to finish levels as possible. Good training for your memory!

Game has cool and relaxing animation with pleasant vibration feedback for game interactions and gives incredible pleasure and .

Game shows you statistics about each completed level so you can see your game progress. Each next level increases randomness of image locations.

is a classic world wide game type about , which is very popular!

With this mind game you can relax after working day no matter where you are. Easy rules, easy play. Start a day with enjoyable game by finding all hidden images!

Ready to have a rest and fresh your mind with this free puzzle? This simple game in relaxing manner can improve your brain power!

This game has multiple level sizes and complexities and also Freestyle mode to select level size and difficulty for your current mood.

There are 3 base levels modes:

- Easy mode with game field size 4x4 images

- Normal with size 6x6 images grid and

- Hard mode for real experts with huge 8x8 field dimensions!

and as bonus:

- Freestyle mode

Each game mode has its own difficulty, which is increasing with each next level.

Game has unlimited number of levels thanks to freestyle mode!

Beautiful design, nice pictures, smooth 3D animations, relaxing background color change, vibration feedback on game interactions - you will love this game!

Picture Match - it is !

If you love to solve levels without time limits and without pressure you will love this game! Train your memory being calm and relaxed.