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Maximus 2: Fantasy Beat-Em-Up Mod Info
2.Unlimited continue
3.Hight Damage
4.Multiple XP
5.Add money

Fantasy Beat 'Em Up! Huge battles, heroes and epic co-op multiplayer!

MAXIMUS 2 is a fantasy beat game (fighting game) that focuses on crisp and satisfying combat. We've captured the spirit of some of the most classic beat games and blended them into one unforgettable experience. Fight alone or in co-op multiplayer with up to 4 players!

STORY is a single, continuous recording. This hasn't been done since the 80's and instead of simply moving from one stage to the next, the player moves to the next area in an animated transition, creating the illusion of a fantastical journey.

Real-time multiplayer co-op and battles with up to 4 players online or with a bluetooth controller on the same device.

A hero with his own character and weapons. Tanks, Wrestlers, Mages, Outlaws, Healers and Ninjas.

Teamwork If you work together, you will survive. Players can revive fallen teammates, support or heal them, and unite in the air to take on enemies.

There are some in-app offerings available, but we allow the entire game to be playable and unlockable through gameplay.

If you would like to support our game development, please consider a premium upgrade.


Internet connection required for online multiplayer mode.

400MB disk space.

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