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The best and most up-to-date review for your in class exams, EOR (end of rotation) exams, and the boards! Practicing clinicians will also benefit as all the information is easy to find, evidence based, up to date, and to the point.This is a focused, high yield review, of all the disease processes outlined on the PANCE/PANRE blueprint. The app clearly outlines how to diagnose, explains the order in which to order labs/tests, and provides evidence based treatment for over 450 medical conditions!We also cover over 190 classes of medications for those who want an in depth, no nonsense review. This includes relevant human physiology, mechanisms of action, contraindications, adverse reactions (the ones you must know), toxicity, when the drug is used, and clinical pearls.All the content is regularly updated and the in-app support feature makes it incredibly easy to ask for help.The app contains 30 hours of video/audio review + over 500 pages of high yield notes.Organ Systems Include:1. Cardiology2. Pulmonology3. Musculoskeletal4. Rheumatology5. Gastrointestinal6. Gynecology7. Obstetrics8. Urology9. EENT10. Endocrinology11. Neurology12. Hematology13. Psychiatry14. Dermatology15. Infectious DiseaseYou also have the option to add on our high yield question bank, of all the disease processes outlined on the PANCE/PANRE blueprint.--For the practicing clinician, we also offer "In the Know". Every month our team will research and review the literature to bring you the most important medical updates that will impact how you practice medicine; focusing on primary care and internal medicine.Medgeeks very own Joe Rad PA-C will highlight and share the most important and practice changing updates.Joe graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 and has been working as physician assistant in Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep medicine ever since.He also works in Hematology and Medical oncology in his spare time.In the ICU, Joe’s responsible for performing many procedures, including but not limited to, intubation, central lines, arterial lines, temporary dialysis lines, para and thoracentesis, and chest tubesWe’ll also be bringing on expert guests to give their insights, perspectives, and advice on the topic at hand.We believe the easiest way to stay up to date is via audio. So, this will all be presented in an easy to stream audio format so that you can listen, on the way to work, at the gym, or while running errands.