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Merge Alphabet: Lore Run (Unlimited Money)

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Get 10 times gold coins for each customs clearance

Merge Alphabet Lore Run Mod Apk has carried out interesting innovations in the integration of gameplay, combining parkour with battle flags, making parkour gameplay an aid to war chess, and adding dynamic elements to boring strategic gameplay. The game still takes strategic gameplay as the core of the game. The number of alphabet characters collected by parkour gameplay is limited and the combat power is extremely low. The main combat power of the player still needs to be exchanged for winning rewards in the war chess level. And parkour only exists as a conditioning element.

Merge Alphabet Lore Run Mod Apk Featured gameplay

The gameplay of "Merge Alphabet: Lord Run" consists of parkour and war chess. In terms of parkour, different to Subway Surfers Unlimited Jump Mod manipulating the weakest letter A to cross obstacles, collect companions, and accumulate combat power for war chess levels. In terms of war chess, by purchasing letters of close combat or far attack, and synthesizing letters of the same strength, you can improve your overall combat power. When facing several powerful enemies, use the layout on the field to give full play to every combat power and win the battle. 's odds. Melee letters start with A, and two A's can be combined into B, which is continuously superimposed. The far-attack letter starts with I and gradually merges backwards.

Merge Alphabet Lore Run Mod Apk Screen Scene

The art of "Merge Alphabet Lore Run Mod Apk" adopts a 3D three-dimensional style, and all the letters are designed in a cartoon style, which is comparable to a doughnut of different shapes presented in front of the player. Parkour gameplay and war chess gameplay both use the same art style, all letters are in anthropomorphic cartoon style, and each letter is given a unique color for easy identification by players.

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