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Meta Learn teaches you to understand why you may have racing thoughts, stress, depression, or anxiety, and how you can actively respond to these conditions in order to reduce symptoms. Through Meta Learn you will learn to utilize specific tools in relation to how you think, as well as rediscovering control over your thought process along the way.

Firstly you must choose one of the following courses:

- Racing thoughts

- Stress

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Anxiety of infection

- Disease anxiety

- Exam anxiety

Meta Learn consists of the following categories:

Exercises- Here you will find concrete resources, exercises, and knowledge. You will amongst other things learn to understand why you are suffering with a specific condition from a completely personal standpoint. You will also come to understand which strategies have proven unsuccessful in the past, as well as learning new strategies to help improve your well-being. Through interactive exercises you will be introduced to specific tools, which can be used immediately in order to better respond to your anxiety, stress, depression, or racing thoughts.

My knowledge- Here you can read about the course you have chosen (e.g. stress). The exercises you work with will be added to this category along the way in order to give you an easy overview of the course.

My well-being- Here you can follow your well-being and progression. You will also receive new additions relating to your well-being throughout the course, in response to your working with the different Meta Learns you are introduced to.

Meta Learn is based on the relatively new evidence-based form of therapy called metacognitive therapy as well as effective elements taken from coaching. The metacognitive method was developed by the English professor and psychologist Adrian Wells. This method bases itself on a completely new understanding of the psyche and what contributes to psychological distress. Metacognitive therapy has shown itself to be a particularly effective treatment in response to anxiety, stress, and depression and is now used in multiple countries across the world.

Metacognitive therapy does not focus on the content of thoughts but focusses instead on the process in which these thoughts are conceived. Metacognitive therapy consists mainly of education in the form of using specific tools in order to learn to control ones thought process. The metacognitive method is therefore well-suited to group therapy as well as self-therapy through self-learning.