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Minecraft: Avengers Alliance mod (Add Mod)

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Android version
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Minecraft: Avengers Alliance mod Mod Info
MOD:Add the Avengers Alliance mod
How to use the mod:
1.enter the game interface click "game", in the "new" under - "application" click to switch "external" to give the required "permission", and then click "New" - "Create a new world" in the settings to open the "experimental game"
2.Interface in the lower left corner - add-on - click on "resource pack", "behavior pack", on the right "my package" click on the module icon - respectively, "activate" the resource pack and behavior package
3.click "game" to switch "default game mode" to "create" , you can "create" into the game ()
4. if the game crash card dead, as long as you exit the save game, enter again can be
5. to delete the previous module please go to the root directory Games.com.mojang (delete this can be)
6. enter the game card load can try to uninstall the "Google Store" and then enter the game

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